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The resources site is designed to help you learn more about our features.  From articles to image galleries, we pride ourselve in providing free and useful tools that will help you create the best online-based persona for your church or non-profit.

I was extremely satisfied with the support. I heard back right away and the videos were very helpful in walking me through the process.

Joe O.

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Ready for the Bad Weather?

Snow, sleet, icy roads– these are a given for many of our customers this time of year, along with the delays and cancellations that go along with them. We wanted to remind you that we have a fea... Read More

SEO Tips: Build links using social media and location apps

In an earlier post, we addressed a few basics about on-page optimization. Which are basics for all website building, even if Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t a priority for you. In this po... Read More

Customer’s Great Ideas: Blogs

We recently shared how you can get started with a blog for your organization. If you haven’t already, read our simple tips on how to begin blogging and stick to it successfully! We have many cus... Read More

Site Updates

  • Default Sending Email Address

    The default email address used to send email from your website is being changed from to  This includes notification and confirmation emails from various tools, mass emails, the weekly calendar email, etc. Read More>>>

  • Content Editor Update

    As of 02-01-2017

    We have upgraded our content editor to the newest version!  New features include a new Color Palette, a new language, and widget grouping.  Issues have been fixed that some were experiencing before.  To read the full list of additions and fixes head here.

  • FaithWebsites Rebrand

    If you've logged onto recently you've seen a dynamic change. We have officially re-branded our website to break free of Dynamic Internet Solutions. Although we offer...

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