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Service Plan Change Request

Service Plan Change Request
  • Review our latest service plans and pricing here. If you have questions, please email us.

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    I understand and agree to all of the following terms:
    • Billing will be adjusted or prorated to coordinate with current billing cycle.
    • If services are being upgraded, tools/modules will be immediately available. Certain modules require admin user permissions to be turned on before they are visible in Site Manager. This includes Members Database, Faculty Database, Media Library, and/or Social Stream.
    • If services are being downgraded, only the tools/modules available in the new service plan will remain on the site. This may result is a loss of content and features.
    • If new plan does not include a mobile website, your mobile site will be deleted. Setting up a mobile website again in the future would cost $150 and be subject to our normal turn around times.
    • Annual payments receive a discounted rate therefore refunds are not given under any circumstances for prepaid fees.
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