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  • We can update your service plan and prorate your current billing cycle.  You can see the current Service Plan offerings here.

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  • Signature Theme and Enhanced Theme Design Benefits & Unique Features:
    • Heading Tags: Signature Themes and Enhanced Themes have integrated designed heading tags, and unique heading tags and text hyperlink settings. This not only helps you easily create a professional website, but offers you the ability to build content that is both user friendly and more search engine optimized. The proper use of all formatted heading tags is encouraged; if you are not sure how to properly use this feature, contact support after your site is released.
    • Right Side Bar: Implemented sites feature designed right side bars at the current wider trend with graphical elements like shading and borders/frames. This allows for many content placement options.
    • Drop down menus and inside navigation: All Signature Themes and Enhanced Themes have drop down menus (1st level links only) and inside navigation menu effects (up to 3 levels of links), which often include rollover (hover) and active states, as well as nesting designs. Each set of effects are unique to a series and offer graphically enhanced ways for your users to navigate your site. All menu effects are cross-browser and cross-platform compatible.
    • Inside Banners: Signature Themes* feature the ability to add a banner to an inside page - which creates a visually unique landing page or graphically enhanced inside page. The key benefit is that the banners are designed to fit perfectly and match the design of your site. Building eye catching pages can be easily done with the use of an inside banner graphic.

      *Check with support or sales if your Signature Theme features the integrated inside banner tool. NOTE: certain Signature Themes require the use of an inside banner on all interior pages. That will have been noted in the worksheet and description of the theme

  • There are design limitations to using a Signature Theme or Enhanced Theme that are in place to keep costs down and to protect the integrity of your new design. Please note:
    • Colors: Signature Theme colors and Enhanced Theme colors can be changed during the setup process, but are not client editable later. One round of revisions on Signature Themes is included in your setup fee. Two rounds of revisions are included in the Enhanced Theme setup fee.
    • Font Types: Designs use the exact font types and sizes shown in the templates only. Signature Theme users will see a design proof of their final fonts in place. Different font types are not available. Client is to use programmed "Heading Tags" for title text and "Normal" font for body copy for best design and SEO results.
    • Font Colors: Designs have pre-programmed font colors as shown in the design proof of a Signature Theme or Enhanced Theme. No other font colors are available. Client is to use programmed "Heading Tags" for title text and "Normal" font for body copy for best design and SEO results.
    • Home Page Slide Show: Designs may have a maximum of 8 images in the home page slide show to ensure fast page loading times. 
    • Home Page Content: The Signature Theme home page content area positioning and exact sizing are not changable.  With the Enhanced Signature Themes some alterations are possible depending upon the design and request(s) made.
    • Content: The inside pages will have the same content as was on the existing website, but it will be in the new design. If the content is sized to fit into the new width and the default fonts were used on the old design, this will be a seamless transition. However, if non-standard fonts, colors or oversized elements were on old site, client may need to "clean up" content to fit new design. This does not apply if the new design is built on a new, blank website.
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